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The Characteristics You Should Look for in a Personal Fitness Trainer in Phoenix, AZ

March 14, 2019

Everyone knows that exercise is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle, but a lot of people struggle to get started with exercising and working out. If you want to start exercising or you want to focus on improving a specific aspect of your physical health, you might be considering working with a personal fitness trainer in Phoenix, AZ. Personal trainers can be incredibly helpful in keeping you accountable and providing you with guidance to reach your fitness goals, but not all trainers will offer the same level of assistance. Thankfully, there are a few key characteristics that you can... View Article

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

February 28, 2019

Whether you’re browsing the internet or talking with coworkers in the breakroom, dieting and weight loss are a couple of the most popular topics out there. There seems to be a sea of information about dieting, including information about fad diets that promise almost unbelievable results. These fad diets might appear to be miraculous weight loss methods, but is there any substance behind their claims? Read on to find out more about fad diets and why you should think twice before trying one out for yourself. What are fad diets? Throughout human history, people have been trying to become healthier,... View Article

The Effects of Negative Thinking—and Why You Should Stop Now

February 5, 2019

Everyone wants to be happy, but that doesn’t stop negative thoughts from occurring. Our brains are pre-wired to respond to negative thoughts and feelings quickly. It’s a reaction left over from centuries of constant threats in the wild. The brain is tricked into believing the body is in immediate danger at the first inkling of a negative thought, triggering the fight or flight response. The body is then left in a state of panic, with no resolution. Feelings like stress, worry, fear and negative thoughts can seemingly dominate the brain, leaving people feeling hopeless and depressed. Constantly succumbing to negative... View Article

How a Good Diet Can Affect Your Overall Health

January 22, 2019

Food truly is your body’s fuel. Your body relies on food to stay operating throughout long days at the office, weekends with the family and even while sleeping. A nutritious diet packed full of whole foods is the best way to support your body. This should include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, protein and healthy fats. It should also provide a sufficient number of calories without going overboard. Eating right can have positive effects on physical, mental and even social health. Plus, it can be enjoyable! Research has shown there’s a direct correlation between what you feed your body and... View Article

Five Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Health This Season

January 3, 2019

Winter is here, and the holiday season tends to keep most of us very busy. There are dinner party plans to make, people to reconnect with and fun to be had. But what about your overall health? You must remember to take it easy on occasion or risk disrupting your mental and physical health. We are not saying you’ll fail to reach your health goals if you don’t make a solid New Year’s resolution. What we are saying is that it’s worth making an effort, whether you go for it on your own or with the help of a professional.... View Article