Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting with a Personal Trainer

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting with a Personal Trainer

August 20, 2019

Once you’ve made a commitment to exercise and fitness, you may be wondering what might be the best way to go about getting started. You may have been working out on your own, but haven’t seen the results yet in terms of losing weight or building muscle. This may lead you to consider working with a personal trainer in Phoenix, AZ.

However, working with a trainer may not be something you’ve done in the past, and this likely prompts a whole slew of additional questions. Getting answers will make you more likely to move forward with finding a trainer and pursuing your goals. With this in mind, let’s go through some of the most common questions we hear about working with a trainer.

How do I come up with an exercise and diet plan?

Many people simply don’t know where to start. All of the talk about cardio vs. weight training vs. flexibility is confusing. This is where a personal trainer is very helpful. They can discuss your goals with you and work on a plan that’s right to meet them. Everyone from those who want to maintain their health to people looking to play sports competitively can benefit from working with a personal trainer. They’ll help you come up with a diet and fitness plan tailored to your needs.

I have an injury or condition. Is working with a personal trainer still a good idea?

Absolutely. While you might have visions of very intense workouts in your head, the reality is that personal trainers work with a wide range of people in a variety of personal circumstances. Those who are seeking to do physical therapy or have physical limitations are encouraged to work with a knowledgeable personal trainer who can help restore their wellness. From those with arthritis to people experiencing chronic injury, a personal trainer can help.

Will I have to do the same workout over and over again?

No! In fact, if you’ve become bored with your workouts, working with a personal trainer is a great option. They’ll bring new ideas to the table, like circuit training and high-intensity training, that will mix things up.

Will I become dependent on working with the trainer?

If you want to learn how to exercise independently, then starting with a personal trainer is right for you. They’ll show you how to better target muscle groups, use good form and properly lift weights. Then you can use this valuable information on your own.

Will a personal trainer get me results?

Definitely. When you seem to work out frequently, but you still haven’t lost weight and built muscle, a personal trainer in Phoenix, AZ can step in and help you get closer to accomplishing your goals.

Pamela Young Fitness aims to provide clients with the personalized fitness coaching they need to achieve optimal wellness. Through group workouts, boot camps, corrective exercises and a focus on the Five Point Fitness method, we’ll help you reach your wellness goals in an environment that’s comfortable, friendly and encouraging. Contact us today to learn more about personal training and arrange your first session!

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