The Benefits of Kettlebell Swings

The Benefits of Kettlebell Swings

March 5, 2020

If you have an office job, or find yourself hunched over a computer and smartphone more than you’d like, you’re in the same boat as many of us. Bad posture can affect our muscle dominance—when you’re slouched over, it’s harder to breathe properly and you are putting unwarranted strain on your back and neck. Luckily, the humble kettlebell is the one piece of equipment that can help solve these problems while providing visible results.

What are the benefits of kettlebell swings in Phoenix, AZ? Let’s start with the basics. Kettlebells are small, round weights with a handle on top—you can use both or a single hand for various exercises. The handle is usually coated with a rubberized material for better grip, and they come in various weights. We recommend starting lighter than you think you’ll be able to handle, since kettlebell swings work the whole body.

Kettlebell swings involve holding the weight with both hands in front of you in a squat, feet shoulder-width apart and arms toward the floor. You’ll then forcefully extend your knees and hips to bring the kettlebell out in front of you and just over your head, keeping your arms and back straight the entire time. Then swing the kettlebell down, ending in your beginning pose, and repeat.

Here are some of the benefits of kettlebell swings in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Targets your core muscles: Your core muscles are the ones responsible for that hunched-over posture, and when you strengthen them, you’ll naturally stand up straighter, which makes you look even taller and fitter.
  • Builds muscle endurance: Muscular endurance is defined by your ability to perform muscular contractions, like what you’d do with kettlebell swings, for extended periods of time. When you work with kettlebell swings, your endurance will improve exponentially.
  • A great part of HIIT: High-intensity interval training is a great way to build strength and lose weight through a staggered series of aerobic, strength and abdominal exercises. Kettlebell swings are the perfect strength exercise to add to your circuits.
  • Works your full body: When performed properly, kettlebell swings work all of your major muscle groups with just one exercise. In fact, some trainers have had dramatic results only performing kettlebell swings.

Of course, it’s important that you perform the kettlebell swings properly, or you may worsen your posture issues and fail to work all the major muscle groups. We recommend working under the guidance of a fitness professional to establish proper form and reduce the risk of injury.

Discover the benefits of kettlebell swings with a personal trainer in Phoenix, AZ

Pamela Young Fitness focuses on your individual fitness goals and will help you develop a plan to make them happen. You’ll get an initial consultation that considers your health history, body fat composition and personal fitness goals. Then you’ll attend our group fitness training sessions, receiving individualized coaching in a friendly, goal-oriented community setting. Whether you are a kettlebell aficionado or have never picked one up in your life, we can make this powerful exercise work for you. Call us today to get started.

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