Five-Point Fitness in Phoenix, AZ

Tired of routine, generic fitness programs in Phoenix, AZ that don’t teach you how to properly improve your fitness? Pamela Young Fitness will change all that! Pam trains on the Five-Point Fitness method, paying due attention to five of the critical tenants of fitness, so you’re able to train to the very best of your abilities.

Five-Point Fitness


Being strong means more than just being able to pick up heavy weights—it means being sturdy and stable. Strength is one of the fundamental tenants of wellness and is the foundation for building a happier, healthier you.



A rigid body is one that’s prone to injury and strain. We train you to be more flexible, helping your body adapt to changes in a way that doesn’t result in damage. With an emphasis on flexibility, you’ll also have better range of motion.



Balance is key for everything! Balance means being able to train your body equally throughout, without putting undue stress on one side or the other. Balance will keep you stable and confident as you push yourself to new heights of betterment.



Your core is the foundation for strength and stability, supporting all of your body’s major muscle groups and systems. A strong core is the gateway for betterment everywhere else and will help you get the results you’re looking for.



Being able to push yourself to the limit, then past it, is the spirit of endurance. By building your body’s endurance, we’ll help you to work out harder, for longer, so you can keep setting the bar higher and higher.

Fully Equipped Fitness Center in Phoenix, AZ

Our fitness center in Phoenix, AZ is designed to help you tap into each of these five core pillars of fitness. And, through Pam’s customized approach, you’ll always be pushing yourself to improve at a fundamental level.

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing personal physical training, a fitness class, or corrective exercises; with the Five-Point Fitness method, you’ll soon be well on your way to a better self. Contact Pamela Young Fitness today at 602-400-8390 to get started training!

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