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The Best Things to Know About Stretching

September 7, 2018

Most athletes know that stretching is an important part of any exercise routine. However, a staggering number of people either don’t stretch enough or stretch improperly. Not doing the right kinds of stretching can lead to decreased athletic performance and even injury, so knowing what you should be doing and when you should be doing it is very important to keep your body in peak condition. Stretching has benefits for everyone. Doing proper stretches before and after a workout can help loosen tight muscles and improve your flexibility and range of motion. It can also greatly reduce your risk of... View Article

The Benefits of Having Your Own Personal Fitness Trainer in Phoenix, AZ

August 15, 2018

Many beginners in a gym tend to believe having a personal fitness trainer in Phoenix, AZ isn’t for them. This is based primarily on misconceptions such as a personal trainer being overly pushy, or their needing to have a certain level of fitness before a trainer will even consider working with them. The truth is, a personal trainer will work with you no matter where you’re at in your fitness journey to help you achieve your specific goals effectively and safely. Here are just a few of the biggest benefits associated with working with a personal trainer: Achieve your goals:... View Article

How to Pick the Right Personal Trainer in Phoenix, AZ for You

July 18, 2018

There are few things as daunting as starting a new fitness program. You are never as strong as you’d like to be starting out, and that can be really discouraging. So, you decide you need the help of a professional, someone who has seen all the stages of workout misery and who can guide you to the finish line. But even this process can bring its own kind of discouragement. You might encounter the overenthusiastic “gym bro” who can’t help but take selfies in the mirror instead of keeping an eye on your form, or even worse, the overly critical... View Article


10 Reasons Why Personal Trainers Are Key to Your Success

June 1, 2018

Fitness plays a large role in so many people’s lives, but it can also be extremely challenging. If you are new to fitness, have sustained an injury or are unsure of what type of exercise is right for your goals, getting into the gym regularly might be difficult for you. In instances like these, working with a personal trainer in Phoenix, AZ might benefit you. Your personal trainer is there to help you succeed and reach your fitness goals through regular coaching, demonstrations and information sessions. While it’s okay to work out on your own, seeing a fitness instructor in... View Article

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