The Different Kinds of Workout Splits Explained

The Different Kinds of Workout Splits Explained

January 28, 2020

Leg day isn’t just a meme—splitting up your workouts is a good way to make sure you’re focusing enough on certain areas of the body. But when you start to get bored (or you’re tired of just one body part aching more than the others), you might be looking for a good way to mix up your routine.

Experts have come up with a few different workout splits in Phoenix, AZ that are designed to target the entire body while keeping things interesting. Here are five of our favorites—see what works for you:

  • Upper vs. lower: Upper and lower splits are good if you want to train each part of your body more than once per week—plus, it’s easy to remember. You can choose whether to do an involved workout or something light, but with four workouts per week, each muscle group is targeted twice.
  • Total body split: If you’re brand new to weight lifting and working out in general, a total body split is often the way to go. This ensures that you’re not overworking any particular muscle group while still ensuring that each group gets stimulated regularly. It also allows for a faster recovery time, which is so important when you’re first starting out—you don’t want Jell-O arms or legs when you’re trying to do basic tasks.
  • Power vs. hypertrophy: This is the most advanced split on the list, designed for people who want to train for strength and size at the same time. You do two days of powerlifting for both your upper and lower body, then do two or three sessions with shorter rest periods, increased reps and isolation movements.
  • Back and triceps/quads, chest and biceps/shoulders and arms: If you want to make sure your biceps and triceps are targeted multiple times per week, this type of split is great for splitting up arm exercises so you have maximum capability each time. For legs, you have knee-dominant and hip-dominant days.
  • Push, pull, legs: Like the workout split above, this one also splits your workout into three separate days. For the pull day, you work your back, biceps and trapezoids. For the push day, you work the chest, shoulders and triceps, and for leg day, you work everything below the waist.

Get help with different workout splits in Phoenix, AZ

We hope you’ve been inspired by this workout split list, and we want to help make sure you find the right workout for your needs. When you need help identifying which kind of workout split is going to be best and most effective for you, visit Pamela Young Fitness. We design programs for each individual client, targeting your areas of interest and customizing your workout to your skill level. Whether you want personal training or group workouts, we can ensure a program that meets all of your needs. Our goal is to be the friendly and comfortable gym that you love to attend—call us today to learn more about us or get started!

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