There is No "Quick Fix" For a Summer Body

There is No “Quick Fix” For a Summer Body

May 8, 2019

As the warm weather approaches, many of us collectively remember that during summer, we’re likely to be showing more skin. Whether at the pool, the beach or just needing to fit into last summer’s shorts, it’s dawned on us that we’ll have to be in shape this season—and fast!

Many people get frustrated when they can’t meet their goals with a quick boot camp or fitness program in Phoenix, AZ in time for summer. But the truth is, there is no “quick fix” for a summer body. Total body wellness takes dedication over the long term. It’s why many people benefit from investing in a wellness coach in Phoenix, AZ to keep them on-track towards their goals.

If you’re trying to get in shape for summer, keep reading to find out what you can expect from your routine.

A realistic timeline

Realistically, you can’t wait until the weather is warm before trying to start getting in shape for summer. While it may not have felt like it took long to put on the winter and holiday pounds, it takes longer to work them off.

Approaching weight loss gradually over six to twelve weeks is a healthier and cognitively easier way to get the results you want. You may try a fitness program in Phoenix, AZ to get started on the right track, or consult a wellness coach to get personalized advice and training.

Nutrition and eating changes

Focus on proper nutrition, not yo-yo dieting. Trying to lose weight quickly by constricting your calories to extreme degrees is not only unhealthy, but unsustainable, and you’re likely to gain the weight right back as soon as you lift your restrictions.

Instead of cutting fruit or carbs, focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods. Allow six to eight weeks for your body to adjust to your new eating habits. This way, you’ll stop craving the junk foods and give your habits time to stick for the long haul.

Fitness and exercise

Staying active all year long is key to making that transition to a summer body easier. A wellness coach in Phoenix, AZ can help you maintain your goals all year, so a summer body is not an elusive goal, but a current reality.

Incorporating all aspects of fitness—including strength, flexibility and endurance—can help total-body wellness. Pamela Young’s fitness program in Phoenix, AZ focuses on the Five Point Method: strength, flexibility, balance, core and endurance. This approach means total body workouts and holistic emphasis on whole-body fitness. This comprehensive approach helps clients experience wellness like never before.

Put in the effort; see the results

Regardless of your method, slow progress is best. Rapid weight loss may be achievable, but it usually doesn’t last because it takes you longer mentally to develop habits than it does for you to physically see results. These habits are what will keep you healthy in the long run.

If you’re looking for a wellness coach in Phoenix, AZ, Pamela Young is the founder, owner and proprietor of Pamela Young Fitness. She helps clients achieve total body composition change in a happy, encouraging environment, and specializes in extreme weight loss, hormone balance and corrective fitness and general total-body fitness. Check out our testimonials or give us a call today to schedule a consultation!

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