Why Fad Diets Don't Work

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

February 28, 2019

Whether you’re browsing the internet or talking with coworkers in the breakroom, dieting and weight loss are a couple of the most popular topics out there. There seems to be a sea of information about dieting, including information about fad diets that promise almost unbelievable results. These fad diets might appear to be miraculous weight loss methods, but is there any substance behind their claims? Read on to find out more about fad diets and why you should think twice before trying one out for yourself.

What are fad diets?

Throughout human history, people have been trying to become healthier, more youthful and thinner using a variety of less-than-scientific methods. These days, fad diets come in all shapes and sizes, but they all make similar outlandish claims about rapid weight loss and long-term health benefits. Some of these diets suggest cutting out entire food groups, like grains and starches, while others suggest supplementing your diet with particular foods and products, like detox teas and juices.

What’s wrong with fad diets?

Thousands of testimonials would suggest that some fad diets are effective for achieving rapid weight loss. All of those before-and-after photos, and potentially even success stories from your own friends and family members, would suggest that these diets can work miracles for people struggling with weight loss.

What you might not see, however, is the rapid weight gain that a lot of people experience after they quit their fad diet. Results from these extreme, imbalanced diets are temporary, and that’s because most of the weight lost on fad diets is water weight. When you shock your system with a sudden loss of carbs and starches or you jumpstart your digestive system with cayenne pepper and high volumes of fluids, you lose a significant amount of water in the process.

People can lose 10 pounds or more of water weight in a single week, but fad diets seldom actually help people lose body fat on a permanent basis. What’s more is that these diets are notoriously difficult to stick to, making it virtually impossible for anyone to sustainably lose weight or keep it off on one of these diets.

If you want to lose weight permanently, you should focus on controlling your portions, eating balanced meals and increasing your physical activity. Working with a personal trainer in Phoenix, AZ can help you lose weight without relying on fad diets that simply don’t work over the long term.

Work with a personal trainer in Phoenix, AZ instead

If you want to find out more about how to lose weight and get healthy without fad dieting, reach out to Pamela Young Fitness. Since 2006, our team of professional trainers and coaches has been proud to help our clients reach their individual health and wellness goals. Whether you’re trying to get in shape after an injury or you need one-on-one nutrition coaching, we would be happy to help you. Give us a call or stop by today to find out more about the services that we offer and schedule your first appointment with a personal trainer in Phoenix, AZ!

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