How a Good Diet Can Affect Your Overall Health

How a Good Diet Can Affect Your Overall Health

January 22, 2019

Food truly is your body’s fuel. Your body relies on food to stay operating throughout long days at the office, weekends with the family and even while sleeping. A nutritious diet packed full of whole foods is the best way to support your body. This should include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, protein and healthy fats. It should also provide a sufficient number of calories without going overboard.

Eating right can have positive effects on physical, mental and even social health. Plus, it can be enjoyable! Research has shown there’s a direct correlation between what you feed your body and how it feels. Below, a wellness coach in Phoenix, AZ takes a closer look at how healthy eating affects your overall health.

Physical health

The nutrients in food equips the body to perform all the necessary functions. The right diet will keep blood pressure levels, insulin sensitivity, inflammation and other symptoms related to developing heart disease in check. Aim for four servings of fruits and five servings of vegetables per day for the most cancer-preventing benefits. Maintaining a healthy diet will also make it easier to keep your body weight in check without falling prey to any dangerous weight loss trends. Plus, you’ll have enough energy to keep you going through the day and will likely notice improved sleep at night.

Mental health

A healthy diet can positively benefit your mental health, too. Eating only when you’re hungry and stopping the moment you’re satisfied has been shown to keep both blood sugar and energy levels in check, which helps foster clear thinking, positive moods and a normal sleep schedule. A diet full of trans fats, processed foods and artificial sugars, meanwhile, could leave you sluggish and depressed. You’re more likely to feel happy, optimistic and ready to seize the day with a healthy diet.

Social health

You’ll be better equipped to enjoy social activities when you feel good both physically and emotionally. A 2016 study by the University of Pennsylvania found children with good nutrition have better social development skills. They were friendlier and more social compared to children who didn’t have a well-rounded diet. Drinking too much caffeine or alcohol can worsen preexisting feelings of stress and anxiety. Instead, opt for a drink menu of water, herbal tea and low-fat milk to feel your best.

Finding the perfect diet

Finding the right eating plan can seem like a challenging task with all the different diets and lifestyles available. Finding the best option will force you to wade through trendy high-fat diets, juice cleanses and intense detoxes. A wellness coach in Phoenix, AZ can help you sort through all the noise to discover the right eating plan to help you feel your best. They can help you create a meal plan that will support your health and fitness journey.

Eating right can change your life, especially in conjunction with regular exercise. Pamela Young Fitness is here to help you achieve your fitness and health goals. As a wellness coach in Phoenix, AZ, we can help you change your total body composition through a safe, effective and challenging fitness program. Call us today to get started!

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