The Importance of Proper Technique

The Importance of Proper Technique

October 11, 2018

Even if you’ve never experienced it firsthand (which you probably have), you’ve almost certainly seen someone at the gym struggling to maintain good technique while lifting heavy weights. Yes, everyone wants to lift heavy to increase muscle mass, but it’s important to realize that without proper form and technique, the benefits of these exercises are negligible. In fact, you run the risk of seriously injuring yourself if you make a habit out of using improper form when lifting heavy.

Therefore, when you’re working on strength training, you should make sure you’re able to do the exercise with the correct technique before you really push yourself on weight limits. Here are just a few of the big reasons why you should make technique a priority, as described by a fitness trainer in Phoenix, AZ.

Proper technique prevents injuries

This is the single most important reason to do everything you can to maintain proper form while lifting. As you lift heavy loads, there’s a chance your body will come out of alignment, which will put your muscles, joints and tendons in positions that could result in tears and strains.

As a general rule, you should lower your weight if you find yourself having to sway your body just to keep the weight up. Without fail, it is better to lift at a lighter weight with good form than it is to lift as heavy as you can with sloppy form. Be patient—over time you’ll find you’ll increase the amount of weight you can lift with good form. There’s no reason to rush through the process and risk severely hurting yourself. You’re not impressing anyone by lifting high weights if you have poor form in doing so.

It helps you develop proper breathing techniques

Better weightlifting form also helps you develop proper breathing techniques as you go through your reps. Breathing is crucial in weight training exercises, because the correct breathing technique will help you create more force, while also reducing the risk of heart problems, blood pressure increases and aneurysms. You’ll find that proper lifting form makes it easier for you to take in air and stay focused on your exercise.

In general, you should inhale right before you lift and exhale right after you lower the weight. Maintain a steady pace for every rep in every set you take on.

It helps you better target muscles and muscle groups

By lifting with proper form, you’ll be better able to target the right muscles in your body. With bicep curls, for example, you’re not going to be working the bicep if you swing your whole body as part of the lifting motion. Only by using proper technique will you actually give your biceps the workout you desire.

These are just a few of the reasons why proper lifting technique is absolutely crucial to your success in the weight room. For more information, contact a personal trainer in Phoenix, AZ, who will be happy to answer your questions. Reach out to Pamela Young Fitness today!

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