Welcome to Our New Location! Enjoy Our New Gym in Phoenix, AZ

Welcome to Our New Location! Enjoy Our New Gym in Phoenix, AZ

September 27, 2018

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to share with you some information about the brand new location for Pamela Young Fitness. This was a big milestone for us, one I had not initially planned for right away, but when the opportunity presented itself for me to purchase my own building, I couldn’t pass it up.

First, let me give you a little bit of background about myself and how I got to this point.

As you all know, I have a deeply held passion for health and fitness, and I’ve been working as a full-time personal trainer for more than 15 years. I live and breathe the fitness industry, and have a great practical knowledge for helping people in this field. I’ve always considered myself a trainer who cares just as much as you do about your own fitness. For me, it’s never really felt like a job—it’s like going to work and hanging out with my friends.

Whether you’re just recovering from surgery, or you’re super fit already and just looking for a change to your workout routine, you’ll soon find that total body composition change is much more technical than what many people realize. There are protocols that need to be addressed before we can dive into that process, which is where corrective exercise comes in. In my training, I’m big on flexibility, and believe it’s the most important part of fitness. If you’re not flexible, or if you’re not in proper alignment, it’s very possible you’re not going into full muscle contraction, which means you’re not getting the full benefits of the exercise.

My clients have appreciated this approach. I do personal training in group settings at the gym, meaning everyone is doing something a little different. These 50-minute sessions have become increasingly popular over the years, and people are always welcome to come and stay late. Now that I’m opening a gym in Phoenix, AZ of my own, there’s bound to be even more excitement!

The new facility

So let’s talk about the new building. It’s located just a half-mile from our previous location—the new address is 1095 E. Indian School Rd., Suite 500 in Phoenix. It’s an upscale location that really exudes the positive vibes I like to give in my classes.

I purchased the building, and we did some massive demo work inside. We basically started from scratch. I was fortunate to have wonderful clients who stood by me through this process. I have to thank all my clients who helped out, and my investors who made this move possible. A big shout-out also goes to the workers who dropped what they were doing, worked long hours and always had a positive attitude. Without all these people coming together to help, this never would have happened—and without your support, Pamela Young Fitness wouldn’t exist.

So, come out and check it out for yourself! This is a nice, spacious facility, much larger than the old location. It has a shower, free towel service and many more perks.

Looking for a change? Give us a try! We don’t do contracts, so you don’t need to worry about locking yourself in—we just do month to month. Get in touch and let Pamela Young Fitness work for you!

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