What Is Corrective Exercise?

What Is Corrective Exercise?

June 7, 2018

Fitness has many forms. It can be used to improve muscle definition, to build stamina, to tone the body, to improve flexibility and much more. Other types of exercise are designed specifically to correct problem areas in the body. This is called corrective exercise.

Through corrective exercise fitness classes in Phoenix, AZ, a fitness instructor can help you restore balance to your body. This type of exercise helps reduce stress that might be placed on the body due to any weaknesses or compensation. Posture, mobility and stability are just a few of the target areas corrective exercise is supposed to address.

What does corrective exercise entail?

Corrective exercise is an important part of physical training in Phoenix, AZ because it aims to correct any bodily deficits that could lead to pain or injury. In order to properly train in corrective exercise, your fitness instructor needs to understand human anatomy and how the muscles and joints work together, impact each other and cause compensation.

Compensation occurs when one part of the body is weak, so other parts of the body endure extra stress in order to compensate for movement. Through corrective exercise, you can strengthen and stabilize the weak or inflexible part of the body so other parts don’t need to compensate.

These exercises help reduce the risk of injury, help the body move as it is supposed to and maximize potential in all areas of fitness.

Who needs corrective exercise?

Essentially anyone can benefit from corrective exercise, because we all have parts of our body that could be strengthened to prevent compensation. However, certain groups can usually benefit more than others.

Namely, people who are recovering from an injury benefit from compensation. Because the injury can cause weakness, the body might be avoiding using that part, instead putting pressure on other areas. By focusing on rehabilitation of the injured area, your fitness instructor in Phoenix, AZ will help correct bodily balance.

Additionally, people suffering from the effects of aging might need corrective exercises, particularly in the joints, as might athletes looking to maximize their potential in their sport.

How corrective exercise works

Corrective exercise training may work a little differently from other fitness classes in Phoenix, AZ. Your trainer will start by examining your body and asking you about any pain or imbalances you might be aware of. They will then determine where imbalances exist, their causes and the best way to treat them.

After that, your trainer can create a routine consisting of flexibility and strength exercises to restore mobility, flexibility, core strength, balance and more within your body. The corrective exercises should yield noticeable results relatively quickly, since your body will begin to move as it was originally intended.

Pamela Young Fitness offers affordable personal training sessions and fun, challenging fitness programs for people of all fitness levels. With the expertise of a trained fitness instructor in Phoenix, AZ, you can see real results from our corrective exercises. Call today to learn how to attend your first session for free!

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