March 8, 2018

"I've been working out for years, but recently I've been extremely busy with my new relationship and work that I've gotten away from my normal routine. Pam is exactly what I needed to get me back to the gym and give me that motivation and support that I need. I love her attitude, she's so pleasant to be around and makes the gym fun!"
September 18, 2017

"I hate gyms but totally recommend this one, with no hesitation!__I've been training with Pam for about 5 months. I signed up after seeing the results that my husband got - after a few months working out with her, he became visibly more muscular (he's approaching six-pack territory), and he had a big reduction in the back pain that's bothered him for years.__I am also seeing changes in my body and the way I feel - I'm noticeably stronger, and my posture is better. The gym itself is also great, not huge but everything you need is there. I really like the small group format (there are usually 2-4 people working out at the same time, each working on their own programs with Pam's instruction). It's a great setup, because it's cheaper than hiring a 1:1 trainer, but you still get the benefit of a totally individualized program.__The clients are varying ages and abilities - some are complete newbies, some are serious athletes - but everyone is friendly and it never feels intimidating. The workouts are hard (WAY harder than what I'd do alone) but Pam's very attentive to any injuries or limitations, so I don't worry that I'm going to hurt myself. Basically all I have to do is show up, do what she says, and see the results!"
September 5, 2017

"I have worked with Pam on and off for about 10 years and I can say she definitely is an excellent trainer. She listens to what your goals are, and then develops a program to help you reach those goals, making adjustments along the way. She will push you to work hard, but doesn't yell and scream at you to motivate you like some trainers do. The boot camps on Saturday morning are an enjoyable social time with a great work out too. I have been very pleased with Pam over the years!"
September 3, 2017

"I worked out with Pam Young for almost 4 years. When my husband started going to Pam, I saw results on him really fast. I agreed to start going to weekly boot camps. It was such a fun time and my stamina and strength started to increase so well that I started going in 2-3 times a week for personal training as well.__I was so impressed with Pam's technique and personal attention to MY workout. She always shook up the sets and I quickly started to lose my fat. I didn't realize how much I had put on (my turtle shell of a belly) but progress pics don't lie! Finally about a year in she said to me, "You know you don't have love handles anymore, right?" I didn't realize, but she was right! Over the next 2 years we pushed and I got my body fat % down to 11! I couldn't believe it. And I still say to this day that I owe everything about my physique and workout ethic to Pam. I always thought my best physique was from my 20's. But I'm 45 now and know that THIS is the best I've ever looked.__If you're looking for a transformation, no one is going to be a more dedicated partner in that journey than Pam. I'll be forever grateful."
August 31, 2017

"Pam is hands down the best trainer in town! She is knowledgeable about the body and targets each area. She keeps it fun while pushing me to achieve my ideal shape. Thank you Pam for being a rockstar and making me feel like one too!"
Pamela Young Fitness